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A Look Back at 2016, Part 2

A Look Back at 2016, Part 2

Okay, so I won’t keep you in excruciating suspense any longer. We’re continuing our look back at 2016 and below you will find the six most visited Small Talk Mama posts for the year. Enjoy reading and may you have a very happy and prosperous new year!


#6 Saturday Sparks – Picnics

Labor Day reminds me of family-friendly picnics full of summer sun, tasty treats and lots of fun. As a nod to this last bastion of summer, I’ve gathered a few ideas and inspiration to help you transform you own family get-together into a weekend to remember.


#5 Thanks a Latte Kind of Day

I recently wanted to say a word of thanks to some ladies with whom I volunteer because they helped see me through a rather rough couple of months. Without their support, I might have just thrown in the towel and walked away from an awesome organization. So as a small token, I bought each of them a coffee gift certificate (just can’t go wrong with that one — if they don’t like coffee, they can order tea or just eat a muffin already). I simply jazzed up the holders with belly bands around the middle and cute little “Thanks a Latte” medallions.


#4 A Real Mom’s Kitchen — Cassandra Creates Eclectic Vibe on a Budget

Other than being a stay-at-home (most of the time) mom, Cassandra is an actor, wedding planner, graphic designer, belly dance instructor and adjunct professor. Makes you tired just reading it, doesn’t it? So where she and her husband had the time to remodel anything, I’ll never know; but this kitchen is testament to the sheer will of a do-it-yourselfer. “My whole kitchen is DIY,” Cassandra admits, and from top to almost bottom (because they haven’t yet tackled the floors) this kitchen has felt her creative touch.


#3 Easter Egg Wreath is Easy and Inexpensive

I know March is not quite finished and the temperature outside is a brisk 30 something degrees, but Easter will be upon us before we hardly blink. Sooo, as I try to get into the creative Spring of things I decided to whip up an Easter wreath this weekend. “Whip” may not be the most accurate word to use because it took about three hours to make this cute little thing, but it was easy and cheap enough to create.


#2 Laurel Wreaths Three Ways

Our Vacation Bible School theme this year is “Escape to Athens with Paul,” so all the children and adults have been donning togas and laurel wreaths for the week — nothing like getting into character. While a friend made the “fancy” wreaths for all the workers, it was just too expensive of a project for all the kids to create. So in the interest of sticking to a budget (it’s VBS after all), I came up with a couple of inexpensive wreath alternatives, one for the older children and another for the youngsters.  I think the kids enjoyed making their own wreaths, but with the everyday use I have noticed a few stray leaves here and there.


#1 Saturday Sparks – Christmas Window Boxes

As we change gears from all things fall into holly and ives, I wanted to share a few ideas for decorating window boxes in the spirit of the season. You know I love window boxes and my beautiful summer box flowers have become a frozen brown mess, so it’s definitely time to swap the contents for something a bit more festive. I’ll let you know what I come up with; but in the meantime, enjoy this bit of inspiration.

A Look Back at 2016, According to the Stats

A Look Back at 2016, According to the Stats

It’s always fun to revisit the past year and see how it all shaped up, because I’m always so surprised to see which posts were popular according to the stats that be. I can definitely say that most of the posts that are my favorite rarely rank high in terms of traffic, but those simple surprises make year-end tracking so interesting.

So as the year comes to an end, I’m taking a look back at 2016 and Small Talk Mama’s top posts according to you, the readers. Interestingly enough, several of the posts making the list were not even written this year. I hope you enjoy the recap and I hope to see you again in the new year!

Happy 2017!


#12 A Real Mom’s Kitchen — Katie D. Claims Her Calm

Today we are visiting Katie D’s kitchen. I’ve known Katie for a couple of years now, but I had never seen her gorgeous kitchen until the morning I walked in with my notepad and camera. Katie is one of those gals who seems to have so much going on in her world, but never appears dazed, nor confused (hmmm. . . I’m not liking Katie very well right now). No, seriously, she is actually just one of those relaxed moms who will pour you a cup of coffee, grab a bar stool and chat about anything from preschool to Play-Doh.

homemade seed cake

#11 Wildlife Flock to Homemade Seed Cakes

So yesterday morning I pulled out one of my homemade seed cakes I made and stored last year and hung it outside the house. After a couple of hours about town, we came home to oodles of squirrels and a variety of birds already partaking of this tasty treat. My little guy and I sat for quite some time just watching them scramble for the food (and I felt terrible that I hadn’t hung it out sooner).


#10 Test Drive Your Garage Door Design

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to your garage door design, take a look at this great site I found by Overhead Door where you can upload your house photo and basically test drive garage doors of all colors, shapes, windows and price points. You can even print your design with specifications, which makes comparison shopping so easy.


#9 Build a Weed Wackless Flower Bed Border

I don’t remember where I originally saw this idea, but I’m so glad I did. I just created a large flower bed along the front of the house using “stone” pavers, but I set them into the ground just a bit so that the wheels of the lawn mover roll right across the top, virtually eliminating the need to trim along the edge. (Yes, honey, you may thank me, again.)


 #8 Mad for Plaid at Home for Christmas

Plaid is absolutely the bomb right now. . . wait a minute, I don’t think “the bomb” is the bomb right now, but eh, I’m going with it anyway. If you are as mad for plaid as I am, I have an easy and affordable way to add this colorful tartan to your holiday décor.

rustic wreath

#7 Industrial Whimsy Equals Spring Rustic Wreath

When I saw this old rusty thing in the antique store, I just knew it would make a cute wreath, and with a little help from Mom (she’s the most awesome bow maker I know) and a few adders from Michaels (all on sale), we came up with this super cute Easter wreath that brings a bit of whimsy to this industrial find.

This list is getting rather lengthy, so I think I’ll stop here for tonight and post the top six tomorrow. I know the suspense is unbearable. *grin*

Small Talk’s Top Posts of 2015

Small Talk’s Top Posts of 2015

topposts2015As the year rapidly comes to an end, it’s always fun to see where the last year took us and how my blogging life was received. After the complete meltdown of Small Talk Mama the fall before, I was forced to make some decisions about the future of my little space of bloggy bliss; and after much deliberation, a false-start and returning to my first love, Small Talk Mama was reborn (slowly) and is still in the repairing process. I continually discover old posts that simply vanished forever, and I’m just so sure those were some of my best stuff.

Okay, enough wound licking. . . let’s get on to my best posts of 2015. These are not necessarily my favorite items, but now that’s why statistics exist. Here are the top five most visited posts of the year and although I find a couple of them surprising, I’m just going with it and hopefully learning a lesson or two. If you see something you missed, I hope you will give it a visit before we move on to 2016.


#5:  Secret Subject Swap — Mike Rowe, Come Clean My Dreamcatcher
 This was a post for Baking in a Tornado’s monthly Secret Subject Swap. You just never know what subject I will be writing about when it comes to these posts, but surprisingly it’s a lot of fun. This particular subject started out as one of my least favorites, but ended up being a lot of fun.


#4:  My Saltine Packin’ Sister’s Spicy Ranch Crackers
My sister arrived for a visit one day toting these highly addictive and super delicious homemade crackers. While she was here, we made two more batches and a family favorite was quickly born.



#3:  Cozy Lodge Christmas Cards
I created a couple of cards using some new Cozy Lodge Christmas paper and submitted them to Cards In Envy’s weekly challenge. To my joy, I won the top “First-Class” award for that week’s theme, which was a first for me.



#2:  DASANI Drops — Delicious Anywhere, Anytime
Talk about a surprise! This was a sponsored post for DASANI Infusions that flavor basic bland water into something more enjoyable. It was a lot of fun trying out the different flavored drops; and in fact, I have several cans of DASANI sparkling water in my fridge right now. So I guess my little trial worked. . . for at least one person in the world.


Top Post of 2015: Mad for Plaid at Home for Christmas
This was a fun little post for a blog hop hosted by Country Living and Hometalk. It showcased just a few of the ways I used plaid fabric throughout my home for Christmas. Next year, I promise to start decorating early so that I can take some better photos, but first I have to take down all of the current holly and jolly. *sigh*



photo credit: Sparkler / Wunderkerze II via photopin (license)