DASANI Drops — Delicious Anywhere, Anytime


DASANIAs many of you know, I recently gave up soda for Lent this year. We’re talking forty days of water and tea here folks. Okay, so I didn’t make it through every week without a pop here or there, but I did do really well for the most part. Instead of soda as my drink of choice for most of my Lenten days, I chose to drink lots of water — lots and lots of water. I drank water water, fizzy water and flavored water, until I thought I might just float away.

So imagine my excitement when a fun package from DASANI arrived in the mail just in time to offer a new solution to my same old water routine. Now, here’s something you must know about me — I’m a water snob. I love water, but not just any water. If water, bottled or not, has an excessive amount of purifying chemicals or metals in it, I’ll taste it. . . once. And here’s something else you must know (and not because DASANI sent me some tasty products) I love DASANI water. It’s by far, my favorite bottled water, because it has a nice, clean taste. I’m not lying. Just ask my husband — he’ll tell you I’m a DASANI girl. But I digress here. . .

What I really wanted to tell you about today is the new DASANI Drops Infusions. I received two taste-testing flavors from DASANI in exchange for my honest opinion, and so here it goes. I tried both the Lime flavor and the Strawberry Basil (don’t worry, you don’t really taste the basil) Infusions in my water and thought both were winners. Now, I’m more of a lemon or lime water girl, so of course the lime drops were my favorite, but the strawberry was pretty tasty too. I added about three or four squirts (yes, I know they are called drops, but squirting worked best for me) to a regular-sized bottle of water, did a bit of shaking and that’s all it took to create a refreshing flavorful drink for the road, gym or dinner table. (Psst, don’t tell DASANI , but the drops worked great in “other” brands of water also.)

One of the best things about these new DASANI Drops is that they are unsweetened, have zero calories (I have no interest in making my healthy drink fattening), are naturally flavored and have no color added. Also, because these little Infusions come in such a petite perfect-purse-sized package, I literally can infuse my water with delicious flavor anytime and anywhere, like the gym, picking up my preschooler after school or in the middle of Blue Jay Hollow, Arkansas, population. . . well, less than 100. Salute!

So if you’re bored with the same old bland water, I suggest you pick up a bottle of DASANI Drops Infusions and dress up your drink today. DASANI also has some tasty new Sparkling Black Cherry water in a can you should try, but that’s a whole other post. Let me just say, DASANI is delicious, any way you drink it. By the way, you can purchase these new DASANI products at your local Target. For a limited time, coupons will be available for both DASANI DROPS Infusions and DASANI Sparkling in Black Cherry using Target’s Cartwheel app. See, yet another reason to go to Target!