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Nature photographs from our home and surrounding areas.

Ice and Snow Brought Out the Birds

Ice and Snow Brought Out the Birds

Our weekend was bracketed with snow and ice, which kept the family immobile for much of what turned out to be a four-day mini indoor stay-cation. Although I was pretty much climbing the walls with my nine-year-old son by yesterday, there were a few bright spots to our confinement. This is where I shamelessly brag about my Kansas City Chiefs winning the AFC Championship Sunday. They are Super Bowl bound for the first time in 50 years and it has been so exciting to watch the journey.

Other than Sunday, which was all about football, we did while away several moments of our days watching the plethora of birds flocking to our feeders on the back deck. I think every bird living in the Three-Acre Wood knows where to find the food on snowy days! I sometimes wonder what would happen to our feathered friends if we ever sold our home to people who aren’t as conscientious about feeding the local wildlife. I know they will forage and find food somewhere, but I also think the locals are pretty spoiled.

Our winter has been so mild until now that I even spotted a tree full of robins still in town. I’m sure they are regretting that choice, and hopefully they quickly pointed their beaks south to warmer climates. Unfortunately the robins didn’t stand still long enough for me to snap a photo, but I did catch several other birds on camera. Below are just a few visitors from the last several days, and you can click on a specific photo to enlarge it.

A Blizzard from the Warm Side of the Windows

A Blizzard from the Warm Side of the Windows

Sometimes I hate it when the weather man is right; and unfortunately he, she, they nailed today’s blizzard conditions in the Midwest. The Three-Acre Wood is now covered in a blustery blanket of snow and yesterday’s warm 50s have now been reduced to the mid-20s. New York is actually warmer than Kansas City! 

Other than early morning church, a “drop & shop” at the grocery store (which was insane) and family photos (of all things) we did manage to burrow down while the blizzard blew in for hours. It was pretty nice to watch the weather from the warm side of the windows, and even Dixie the cat enjoyed the view. Thankfully my husband stocked the bird feeders this week so our wild feathered friends were happy, but the hens spent most of the day inside.

Here are just a few photos from our room with a view. I hope you are weathering the storm or enjoying better temps too.


This cat loves to watch the birds and today she darted back and forth as if she was at Wimbledon.



The wild birds crowded around the freshly stocked feeder as the wind and snow pelted everything in its wake.



The hens weren’t too happy with today’s weather conditions and spent most of their free time indoors. Doesn’t the chicken coop look festive with a fresh blanket of snow?



The Three-Acre Wood by late afternoon was mostly covered in snow.


Instagrammies — Sharing the Love at Small Talk Mama

Instagrammies — Sharing the Love at Small Talk Mama

Instagram is my kind of social media — less talk, little drama and so much more to see! So I decided to create a new regular segment here at Small Talk Mama called the “Instagrammies.” I will simply share photos that catch my eye  and pass around a little Instagram love. If you something you like, I encourage you to follow that person as well. That’s all there is to it — simple and sweet! 

I’m digging those adorable backsplash tiles!!

This is such a beautiful and detailed photo of horses. It makes me miss my childhood.

Books and fresh flowers — a wonderful combination.

I love all the colors and textures of this scrapbook page. What an inspiration!

I adore this seating area and can really see myself picking up a good book and staying for quite some time.

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