A Berry Good Garden
Inside & Out

The Makings of a Berry Good Garden

I picked fresh strawberries from the garden this week! Okay, so I kind of cheated, but I did pick them and they were growing in my garden. Never mind that my husband bought mature plants full of unripened fruit. I just had to stick them in the ground and watch them turn from a ghostly shade of white to a delicious deep red. Well… there were those two nights of late freezing weather in which I had to cover and care for all things green. I swear we were a sight out of “Green Acres,” with the overturned pots, plastic tarps, and even an upside-down plastic sled.

berry good garden

It appears that everything survived the late cold snap (and the shame of looking more like a junkyard than a garden) and many of my plants are thriving. I have one overachieving tomato plant standing proud and tall, lettuce to cut in a few short days and, no thanks to my husband and son wishing otherwise, the Brussel sprouts are doing their thing. The green beans got a slow start and we had to replant more than once, but I think they have finally decided to welcome the world.

All-in-all, I would say that our little spot of garden goodness is, at the least, growing as fast as the weeds, and I’m hoping for another productive year. 

berry good garden