Wildlife Flock to Homemade Seed Cakes

homemade seed cake

Winter finally arrived a couple of weeks ago and with it came freezing temps and a light layer of snow. Unfortunately for our local wildlife, we’ve been so busy traveling, celebrating and reclaiming our home after the holidays that we haven’t been supplementing their food as quickly as we normally do.

So yesterday morning I pulled out one of my homemade seed cakes I made and stored last year and hung it outside the house. After a couple of hours about town, we came home to oodles of squirrels and a variety of birds already partaking of this tasty treat. My little guy and I sat for quite some time just watching them scramble for the food (and I felt terrible that I hadn’t hung it out sooner).

If you are interested in making your own homemade seed cakes, you can read and print the recipe at Seed Cake Recipe for the Birds. They are super simple and fun to make, and they apparently store for quite some time in a plastic baggy. Just make sure they are nice and dry before sealing.

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