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Introducing A Real Mom’s Kitchen

A Real Mom's Kitchen

I am super excited to introduce a new series happening here at Small Talk Mama. It’s called “A Real Mom’s Kitchen,” and each month I will highlight a different real life kitchen used by a living, breathing family. I posted a request with my local mom’s group, and couldn’t believe how quickly so many ladies raised their hands. So please know that these are volunteers and I have never even seen most of these kitchens, but I can’t wait to walk into the houses of these gracious gals each month and see the heart of their homes for the very first time.

I love looking at beautiful photos of awe-inspiring kitchens, but what I really want to know is how well do those spaces function for a family of five, with two large dogs, a territorial cat and craft time with mom’s club. Are people actually glad they went all stainless steel or has the tiny fingerprint battle become more than they can bear? And what about granite countertops. Can you even see that week-old, oddly placed blob of dried jelly and how many cups and plates have suffered on this rock-hard surface?

With this series, I hope to celebrate the real spaces where moms make their homes, perfect or not, and what roles these kitchens have for each different family. Is it a craft room, homework desk, or strictly for family dinners? Speaking of dinners, each monthly featured mom will also share one of her family’s favorite recipes with us — you know, that go-to meal that leaves the entire family with full bellies and big smiles.

So I hope you will come along with Small Talk Mama as we step inside a different kitchen each month, see what works and how, and enjoy what each mom is cooking up for her family and all you readers. Our first kitchen is coming up in just a few days, so check back here to catch all the fun.


  • Dazzlewhilefrazzled

    Great series idea! Sometimes it’s hard to relate to those pristine rooms I’ve become accustomed to seeing in my few months of blogging. My kitchen would show crumbs from kids all over the floor, Legos scattered haphazardly and my “craft room” aka: island counter! Visiting from Blogtalk.

    • Small Talk Mama

      Thanks! Yes, my kitchen would not be fit to photograph on most days either. I am delighted to have a whole list of volunteers just waiting to show off their kitchens, with the good, bad and ugly of it all. Of course, it’s not completely “real” because I can’t convince the ladies not to clean before I walk in with my camera. . . as I’m sure we all understand. Thanks for visiting!