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    A Real Mom’s Kitchen — Cassandra Creates Eclectic Vibe on a Budget

      Today’s Real Mom’s Kitchen belongs to Cassandra W. She’s a MOMS Club® friend of mine and I have visited her 50s eclectic vintage vibe home many times so I kind of knew what to expect from her kitchen, but learning the story of its transformation was a lot of fun. Other than being a stay-at-home (most of the time) mom, Cassandra is an actor, wedding planner, graphic designer, belly dance instructor and adjunct professor. Makes you tired just reading it, doesn’t it? So where she and her husband had the time to remodel anything, I’ll never know; but this kitchen is testament to the sheer will of a do-it-yourselfer. “My whole…

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    In the Kitchen

    Introducing A Real Mom’s Kitchen

    I am super excited to introduce a new series happening here at Small Talk Mama. It’s called “A Real Mom’s Kitchen,” and each month I will highlight a different real life kitchen used by a living, breathing family. I posted a request with my local mom’s group, and couldn’t believe how quickly so many ladies raised their hands. So please know that these are volunteers and I have never even seen most of these kitchens, but I can’t wait to walk into the houses of these gracious gals each month and see the heart of their homes for the very first time. I love looking at beautiful photos of awe-inspiring kitchens, but…

  • Saturday Sparks

    Saturday Sparks – French Country Kitchens

    Saturday’s are just those days that I find hard to pull myself away from family, garden and house duties long enough to get my witty on and write a post that most of you might be interested in reading. So I’ve decided to pull together some of my favorite ideas and inspirations, compile them into a themed post and present them to you in hopes it might spark a bit of creativity in the home and garden projects of your own. Today is French country kitchens day. I love French country and I love kitchen design, so these are some of my favorites.  I do believe just about anyone can…