Saturday Sparks

Saturday Sparks: Trunk or Treat Decorating Ideas

There’s a fun little Halloween trend here in the Midwest called Trunk or Treat. I don’t know if it’s popular all over the nation, but it’s a fun family alternative to traveling house-to-house on a cold, dark October night.

Trunk or Treat is usually sponsored by local churches, but some businesses and organizations have adopted the event and Trunk or Treats can be found in parking lots all over town. It’s a simple concept where people use their automobiles as the venue for handing out candy to local children. Each trunk (or car, trailer, truck bed etc.) is decorated with a theme, and folks pass out candy to the costumed kiddos as they ”trick or treat” at each vehicle.

If you’ll be treating your trunk to some fine decorating as part of one of these events this year, today’s Spark is just for you. Some churches request Biblical themes for each vehicle, which is a lot of fun, but if the sky’s the limit here are a few ideas for a fun Halloween.