Homemade Hand Warmers from the Heart

This latest Midwest cold snap is chilling me to the bone, which makes me want to cuddle up with just about anything warm (including my husband). *wink wink*  One little project that adds a bit of warmth to my outings, is a cute set of homemade hand warmers. I made several sets to sell, but I also kept a couple of warming hearts for myself. Those cute little orange and gray plaid warmers are all mine. I simply plop them in the microwave for a minute or so, drop them in my coat pockets and soak up their heat on cold, blustery days. Their warmth doesn’t last as long as commercial hand warmers, but you also don’t have to shake them until your fingers go numb. Plus, they are all-natural, reusable and super stinkin’ cute!

homemade hand warmers

If you need a late-winter project to keep yourself warm (because most of you probably have snow still a flyin’), I hope you will make yourself a set of these adorable hearts. With just a few ingredients and my downloadable template, you can whip up a set in no time.


  1. Decorative Fabric
  2. Muslin or Other Plain Fabric for Inside
    Use natural fabrics for this project, because some synthetic fabrics could melt in the microwave.
  3. Flax Seed (whole, not ground)
    You can substitute uncooked rice for the flax seed, but rice seems to contain more moisture. I definitely prefer the flax!
  4. Small Funnel
  5. Downloadable Heart Template
  6. Sewing Machine (optional)
  7. Needle and Thread
  8. Scissors
  9. Embroidery Floss and Needle


  1. Download, print and cut out the heart template provided in this post. 
  2. Cut out four hearts from the decorative fabric and four hearts from the muslin. You will want a warmer for each of your hands!
  3. Sew two pieces of muslin together using a small (but not tiny) seam, but leave a small opening for filling with flax seed. Turn this heart inside out and use the funnel to add seed. You don’t want the warmer to be completely full, so don’t worry about maxing it out. Use a needle and thread to close up the hole in the heart.
  4. Repeat the previous step with the other two remaining pieces of muslin.
  5. Place a stuffed muslin heart between two pieces of decorative fabric hearts (right sides facing out).
  6. Using embroidery floss and a needle, stitch the edges of the decorative hearts together. This will enclose the muslin heart that contains the flax seed. I love the look of a blanket stitch, but if you don’t know how to create this decorative stitch you can see how it’s done by viewing Needlepointers’ video.
  7. Repeat the previous step with the two remaining pieces of decorative fabric and stuffed muslin heart.
    Note: The decorative fabric will probably fray under the blanket stitch over time, but I like this well-loved look.


  1. Lay your warmers flat in the microwave.
  2. All microwaves are different, so you will need to experiment with time and settings. DO NOT overheat your warming hearts! This could cause serious burns or melt your warmers.
  3. Start with 45 seconds and add time if necessary.
  4. Place heated hearts in your pockets and enjoy!

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