Pinecones and Pompons Make Easy Kid Craft


Here’s one of the cutest little Christmas crafts my son and his cousin, Norah, put together last year; and if I remember correctly, I believe even the big kids got in on the action. I mean, who can resist those tiny little pompons?

To make this super easy Christmas kid craft all you need are some medium-sized pinecones, small colorful pompons and some basic craft or school glue. We also used some small red Christmas bells because I picked them up for cheap at the craft store. For little ones, an adult can simply put a few dollops of glue randomly around the pinecone and let the children add the pompons on top of the glue. Older kids should be able to easily craft these miniature “Christmas trees” themselves.

kid craft

What I really liked about this finished project was that I had an empty cloche and my son’s pretty pinecone was a perfect fit. By placing it under glass, the whole Christmas pinecone shone a bit more brightly and so did the smile on my son’s face.

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