“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’”

-Robin Williams

  • In the Kitchen

    A Real Mom’s Kitchen — Katie D. Claims Her Calm

    Welcome to A Real Mom’s Kitchen. This is the first of a monthly series that will take us inside the kitchens of real women to see how they actually use their spaces to keep the family nourished, get the academics done, keep the creative juices flowing and maybe even run a business or two. It’s all about reality, functionality, dreams and getting dirty, and most of these moms actually volunteered to let me through the front door with all my questions and my camera. Oh, and be sure to try the recipe at the end of each post, which is a featured family favorite meal (say that several times fast). One of these recipes…

  • A Real Mom's Kitchen
    In the Kitchen

    Introducing A Real Mom’s Kitchen

    I am super excited to introduce a new series happening here at Small Talk Mama. It’s called “A Real Mom’s Kitchen,” and each month I will highlight a different real life kitchen used by a living, breathing family. I posted a request with my local mom’s group, and couldn’t believe how quickly so many ladies raised their hands. So please know that these are volunteers and I have never even seen most of these kitchens, but I can’t wait to walk into the houses of these gracious gals each month and see the heart of their homes for the very first time. I love looking at beautiful photos of awe-inspiring kitchens, but…

  • sausage cheese croissants
    In the Kitchen

    Start Your Day With a Sausage Cheese Croissant

    Saturday mornings are for family breakfast in our home. We like to sit down together and start our day with something yummy in our tummies. Of course, some weekend mornings there just isn’t a lot of time to make a huge meal (i.e. quilting morns with the church ladies), so something in a hurry fits the bill. This sausage cheese croissant recipe is one of my best go-to breakfast items and also one of my husband’s favorites. Mind you, these croissants are in no way low-cal and probably not too healthy, but if you add some fruit on the side you actually hit the four major food groups. . . yes, it’s a stretch,…


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