The Season for a Sunflower Centerpiece

sunflower centerpiece


We attended our niece’s lovely wedding Saturday night and I guess it inspired my husband to bring home sunflowers Sunday when he ran to the store for milk and bread (yes, we were out of milk AND bread but it was a super busy week). I quickly arranged the flowers in a black metal pitcher from IKEA and set them in the middle of our dining room table for a beautiful, bright way to start the day. Yay hubby!

sunflower centerpiece

I was a bit concerned that the pitcher may sweat and ruin my table runner and table, so I started hunting around the house for a solution to my worry. With the wedding fresh on my mind,  I remembered I had one last large wood slice from Oriental Trading that would make a perfect addition to my centerpiece and serve as a super large coaster, if you will, which was very similar to the wedding tables from Saturday night.

This sunflower centerpiece makes me happy folks, and it was so super simple to create. I didn’t finish the wood in any way, but I might add a coat of wax or sealer to keep it looking good for years to come.

sunflower centerpiece

The above photo is from my niece’s wedding. I just love it when you get to “borrow” a bit of inspiration! I hope you do the same.

Oriental Trading gifted some of these products used in this project for review,
but all opinions are my own.

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