Saturday Sparks — December Daily Ideas

Have you ever thought of doing one of these fun little “December Daily” scrapbooks that are all over Pinterest these days? I have. . . and thinking is about as far as I’ve gone at this point. Seeing as it’s already the fifth of the month, I would say I’m pretty far behind already (surprise!!), but I really would like to do a simple version of this great project for 2015. It’s just a cool way to kind of bring the advent of the season to life and make each moment special as we near Christmas day.

So as I went hunting for my own inspiration, I decided to pass along a few found ideas from some really gifted paper crafters and photographers. If it’s a little late to start your own daily journal this year, hopefully this will spark some interest for the next holiday season. Hey, maybe you can do the forty days of Lent or fourteen days of Valentines, or even the hallowed days of Halloween. . . and yes, I’m sure they have all been done. Happy Crafting!

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