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Arkansas Easter Good for the Gray Sky Blues

Arkansas Easter Good for the Gray Sky Blues

I don’t think I have ever been more thankful for Easter in Arkansas than I was this weekend. Other than the obvious festivities, good food and catching up with family, Saturday’s weather couldn’t have been more delicious for a girl who is positively sick of the gray skies and cold temps in the Midwest.


We reached the mid-70s with sunny skies in Blue Jay Hollow and everyone spent most of the day outdoors. Other than the protests to the sunscreen, the kids enjoyed made-up games, football and who knows what else. The grownups sat around sipping cold drinks, catching up on the days since Thanksgiving and keeping half an eye on the youngsters. I absolutely relished the sun, which had been completely absent from my life for about two straight weeks. What a perfect Easter eve day!


It was such an enjoyable outdoorsy kind of day that it became a task just to get everyone inside to color Easter eggs! My son declared that we wasn’t coloring eggs this year, but I nixed that idea awfully quick! Of course he begrudgingly came indoors with the other children and then had a blast dying eggs all sorts of greens, pinks and blues (and even a few browns).

EasterThe big hit was the Egg-Mazing machine that my niece brought along. This thing is so cool!  I definitely need to acquire one of my own. While the egg spins on little wheels, you simply hold a marker against the egg to make nearly perfect little, or big, stripes all the way around the egg. It looked like so much fun, most of the moms even gave it a go. Saturday hit a high note with the Easter egg hunt, especially with the addition of several money and candy eggs, and we all lingered outside in the waning sun until the mosquitoes ran us indoors.

Unfortunately Easter Sunday turned off cooler and rainy, but I accepted this fate because the day before had been so cooperative. We attended church at Thornburg Baptist and then back to Nannie’s for more family time and good food. When we finally arrived home Monday, we were greeted with more gray skies, a snow-covered ground and temperatures barely above freezing. Yuck! Was the near-perfect picture of Easter eve in Blue Jay Hollow just a dream? If so, I’m going back to bed. . . wake me when the sun comes out!

Created Those Christmas Cards Yet?

Created Those Christmas Cards Yet?

So our Christmas cards arrived today. . . or so I think. I had them delivered to my husband’s work and he texted me mid-morning saying they had arrived, but when I asked how they looked this is the photo I received.

christmas cards

For all I know whatever’s in that envelope could belong to someone else, I might have misspelled our last name or I could have a boogie in my nose I didn’t notice before ordering. The suspense is killing me!!

But at least I “think” my holiday greetings have been printed and that’s a big check off my list. Through the years I have proven time and again that if I don’t order my cards before Thanksgiving, I might as well just wait for the happy Easter salutations because Christmas probably just won’t happen. So what about you? Have you purchased your festive photo greeting cards?

I found a cute card for a good price from Wal-Mart this year and chose the cardstock two-sided printing option so that I could customize the back with a recap of our year and add our return address on the envelope. I’ve never used Wal-Mart for my Christmas cards but hopefully I will be pleased.

If you’re still shopping for the perfect family photo cards here are a few places to try (some I’ve used, some I haven’t so I can’t vouch for quality and service), but I would love to know if you have a favorite that isn’t on the list. By the way, make sure you look for coupon codes and special deals right now, because they are certainly out there.

photo credit: HA! Designs – Artbyheather Vintage Christmas Card via photopin (license)


Stock Up on (Trick or) Halloween Treats!

Stock Up on (Trick or) Halloween Treats!

Halloween treats


Did you happen to notice all that fun Halloween candy that filled my festive buckets in yesterday’s post? Well guess what? All that yummy stuff arrived courtesy of Oriental Trading and there is plenty more where that came from. Oriental Trading has some of the cutest and most affordable Halloween treats you can find and much of it is actually on sale right now.  So today I thought I would show you just a few of my favorite treats available online.

green saltwater taffy


This green sour apple-flavored saltwater taffy is delicious! So good in fact, that I was afraid my stash would be gobbled up way before my photo shoot. If you like taffy this is a great choice, but there are also lots of other flavor and color options available.





These hard candy Halloween sticks are just about as festive as a candy can get and I love the variety of colors and patterns. Right now you can get 80 sticks for less than $10. Wow! Now that’s a deal.






I love these Halloween-shaped candy fun packs because they are the perfect addition to goody bags, class parties or trick-or-treat bags. I haven’t actually tasted them, but they sure are super fun to look at!






What kid wouldn’t like to find a goofy monster lollipop in his/her Halloween bag? I think these little guys are adorable!!




With the big Trick-or-Treat day just two weeks away, you still have time to stock up, save and have it delivered to your door step. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Oriental Trading sent me some of these products used in this project for review,
but all opinions are my own.

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