Created Those Christmas Cards Yet?

So our Christmas cards arrived today. . . or so I think. I had them delivered to my husband’s work and he texted me mid-morning saying they had arrived, but when I asked how they looked this is the photo I received.

christmas cards

For all I know whatever’s in that envelope could belong to someone else, I might have misspelled our last name or I could have a boogie in my nose I didn’t notice before ordering. The suspense is killing me!!

But at least I “think” my holiday greetings have been printed and that’s a big check off my list. Through the years I have proven time and again that if I don’t order my cards before Thanksgiving, I might as well just wait for the happy Easter salutations because Christmas probably just won’t happen. So what about you? Have you purchased your festive photo greeting cards?

I found a cute card for a good price from Wal-Mart this year and chose the cardstock two-sided printing option so that I could customize the back with a recap of our year and add our return address on the envelope. I’ve never used Wal-Mart for my Christmas cards but hopefully I will be pleased.

If you’re still shopping for the perfect family photo cards here are a few places to try (some I’ve used, some I haven’t so I can’t vouch for quality and service), but I would love to know if you have a favorite that isn’t on the list. By the way, make sure you look for coupon codes and special deals right now, because they are certainly out there.

photo credit: HA! Designs – Artbyheather Vintage Christmas Card via photopin (license)


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