Transformed Buckets are Halloween Hit

Halloween buckets


I hope everyone is in the Halloween “spirit” these days, but if you need a little extra inspiration these holidays buckets might just do the trick. I received a set of six medium galvanized pots from Oriental Trading and transformed them into black and orange Halloween buckets with a bit of spray paint, sticky vinyl, chalkboard coating and washi tape.

The first set of buckets was simple to make using candy corn as my inspiration. I simply spray painted one white, one orange and one yellow and plopped them down in a row. The hardest thing about this project was getting the weather to cooperate with my painting schedule. You can fill these pots with candy, chips or other goodies to transfer a party table into something festive.


This next bucket was a combination of spray paint and vinyl. I simply sprayed the pot orange and after it dried I randomly adhered black vinyl polka dots for a fun and festive look. I cut the dots with my Circuit machine, but I’m sure you can find round stickers at various crafting stores around town.


This chalkboard bucket is one of my favorites, because it can change with your mood or even the seasons. I sprayed the bucket with flat black paint and after it dried I applied two coats of the same chalkboard medium I used on my pumpkin countdown calendar. After everything cured overnight, I was able to write a message on the pot using chalk. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s “Boo-tiful.”


This last bucket has a different look than the others, but it was fun to use some of my Halloween washi tape that seems to go on and on forever. I started by spraying the pot white and after it dried I started applying tape. Since the bucket is wider at the top than the bottom, I had to be careful with my spacing and make sure the strips of tape stayed vertical. After a few strips, I quickly got the hang of it.

I just love my new festive buckets and think they will be a Halloween hit! If you are interested in making your own pots, visit Oriental Trading to place an order or visit their Halloween Headquarters and craft page for loads of other great inspiration.

Oriental Trading sent me some of these products used in this project for review,
but all opinions are my own.


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