Saturday Sparks: Quick & Easy Valentine Decorations

I seriously cannot believe that February begins next week! I have no idea where January went, but I do know that Spring is almost one month closer to bursting out all over the place. . . and this is definitely a good thing.

As February arrives, I always think of red, pink and loving things because Valentine’s Day is a very hard holiday to miss (oh, and of course my big sister’s birthday is this month; although she surely doesn’t expect all of you to celebrate that too). Since Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of the month and January is reserved for all things snowy and cold, I don’t usually go to a huge amount of effort decorating the house with hearts and bows. I do like a touch of color and a few happy heart greetings, but easy Valentine decorations are definitely the plan. With this in mind I gathered several Pins that should be quick and easy to make at home, so hopefully you will see something that inspires you.

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