Saturday Sparks — Patriotic Punch in a Hurry


I returned from our family Florida vacation this week and realized Independence Day is just around the corner, but other than an American flag hanging out front you wouldn’t think I gave one iota about this patriotic holiday. What? Nothing could be farther from the truth, because this is one of my most favorite celebrations!

Maybe it’s because it comes in the middle of the summer all by itself, or maybe it’s the fireworks, fun and family time that accompany this holiday, or maybe it’s that I swell up just a bit more with national pride; but whatever the reason, I gotta get my house decked out with some proper décor, and in a hurry! So of course I immediately went to Pinterest to find some easy, quick and cute DIY décor for my little home and here is just some of what I found. . .


Note: The Saturday Sparks series is a compilation of inspiring ideas from bloggers across Pinterest.
Most of these ideas and photos are not my own, but please click on the pictures to visit the authors and creative minds behind the projects featured here.


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