O Tannenbaum Time Trials


Great news! My little guy and I finally decorated our Christmas tree this week. Since we opted for the small faux tree this year instead of a large real one, I knew it wouldn’t take as long as usual; but I’m telling you, leave the room for a couple of minutes with open tubs of ornaments about and there is one little five-year-old boy who can decorate a tree (or at least the bottom third) in nothing flat.

We seriously set a new record in the O Tannenbaum time trials and it was mostly because I just let my son do his thing. There were a few bulbs on top of bulbs and slightly kissing nut crackers, but I just enjoyed the moment without insisting on perfection and we had a blast (I did relocate about three ornaments to cover bare spots, but only after asking permission).  Even the angel topper is a self-made son special and it is perfect looking down from its spot on high.


 Okay, so I’m a little biased, but I think this is one of my favorite trees ever. The child-like randomness and little imperfections make it beautiful, and my son’s smiles as we decorated make it priceless.