“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”

-Sam Keen

  • Celebrations

    O Tannenbaum Time Trials

    Great news! My little guy and I finally decorated our Christmas tree this week. Since we opted for the small faux tree this year instead of a large real one, I knew it wouldn’t take as long as usual; but I’m telling you, leave the room for a couple of minutes with open tubs of ornaments about and there is one little five-year-old boy who can decorate a tree (or at least the bottom third) in nothing flat. We seriously set a new record in the O Tannenbaum time trials and it was mostly because I just let my son do his thing. There were a few bulbs on top of bulbs and…

  • Life as I Know It

    The Bait and Switch Christmas Tree

    We opted for a real tree this year and planned a whole family outing to the local farm complete with sleigh ride, hand saw and cocoa, but when we suggested the idea to our four-year old he immediately wanted to know how we would get the tree out of the ground. When I explained that we would chop down the tree and bring it home, he became upset at the thought of hurting a poor live tree just for our Christmas wishes. Although I tried to explain that this was a Christmas tree’s destiny and they were grown for this very reason, he still had problems seeing it my way. So instead of…