Monogrammed Side Table a Snap



I had this little table hanging out around my house for about a year before I decided to give it a face lift. It had been outside, inside, held pumpkins and mums, and had been just plain ugly the entire time. With the purchase of new living room furniture, I decided it would find a final resting place as a side table (but it still needed major help). I actually used flat black spray paint on this project because of all the spindley things — getting a smooth coat of paint on that was not something I was looking forward to doing with a brush. Before I sanded and painted, I put my Cricut machine to good use and cut a monogram letter out of sticker paper for the top. After spraying the entire piece, I peeled off the sticker, sanded some more and waxed the entire piece. . . and it really was just about that easy, and quick (once I decided its fate).

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