Jack o’ Oranges Saved My Dignity. . . Okay, That’s an Exaggeration


After an epic fail in the Halloween school snack category, I decided to give a go at these quick jack o’ lantern Mandarin orange snack packs. Okay so let’s face it, I didn’t have time to give anything else a try before the preschool party, so I was delighted that these little fun-faced treats were a breeze to complete.

I bought several four-packs of the Mandarin oranges (peaches work great also) at my grocery store and dug out my black Sharpie to draw on faces. The store brand cost about $2.20 per four individual containers; but unfortunately the “best by” date was also stamped smack dab on top of the seals. Although the dates showed up more in my photos than real life, you might want to shop for a brand that prints the freshness info along the side.

The preschoolers didn’t seem overly impressed with this tasty (and healthy) treat, but they also didn’t seem too impressed with any of the other cute little spooky treats that decorated their party plates. Of course as long as the kudos are being passed around between the parents, it’s all good. Right?