It’s Time for a Painting


Yup, that photo means it’s time for a painting! After seven years in our baby puke brown house, we are finally ready to give it a face lift. My husband and I have never cared for the color, but it was freshly painted before we purchased it and frankly we just didn’t think a color change was top priority. It’s difficult to see from this photo, but our current color is close to the golden brown so popular about 10 years ago, but our particular shade has a hint of green which resembles the contents of a stinky diaper. Ugh!

This will be house number three hubs and I have painted, and picking the color is always the fun part. . . prepping and painting, not so much. I especially love to bring home all sorts of samples (Behr is usually our go-to brand) from the hardware store, match them up side-by-side and move them around like a wicked game of chess. My past life as a graphic designer has made me hyper-aware of color choices and pairings, so I can get a little intense when it comes to the color of my home.


This go-around I have jumped from an all-white farmhouse feel to a dark blue similar to our previous cape cod, but I finally settled on a nice mid-range warm green gray color that will hopefully complement our brown roof and gutters. I plan to use a nice white called Bread Box for the trim and deck railing because it is similar to our white windows and garage doors, and I will add a deep brown for the shutters and deck floor. I’m leaning toward a pale yellow for the front door, but can’t decided between Cream Puff or Honey Mist. I’m sure that decision will be easier once the house is painted.


So now that the easy part is done, I guess it’s time to get to work. . .

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