Inside & Out

Getting the Garden Going


I finally found a break in the rain and my schedule to get the garden going yesterday. My husband has handed over the veggies to me this year, but he was kind enough to rototill and prep the ground for me before the rains came pouring in during the last couple of weeks. So when the sun popped out yesterday, I donned my rubber boots, grabbed the hoe and put a few seeds in the ground.

So here is what’s planted thus far. Radishes, green onions, lettuce and spinach. We did get potatoes and large onions in before St. Patrick’s Day, but they are in large pots instead of the garden. I also have green bean and cilantro seeds ready to be planted; and Sutherlands had a vegetable sale this morning, so I managed to get up a bit early and grab a few tomatoes, peppers and strawberries to round out the early spring plantings.