Chairs Go From Bland to Bumblebee Beautiful


I just wanted to show off my latest furniture project here at Small Talk Mama and share a bit about the evolution of these cute little children’s chairs purchased at a local resale store. As with all thrift stores, flea markets and resale shops, timing really is everything. I guess that’s how I justify visiting so often.

childchairsb4In the case of this petite pair of chairs, I spotted a gentleman on his way out of the storage room and literally followed him all the way to the showroom floor. I immediately examined the chairs, which were priced at $7.00 each (a steal), and found that the backs were loose. Luckily the manager heard my Mom and I bemoaning the fact that they weren’t sturdy and he offered them to us for half price. I immediately jumped all over the offer.

When I got these little gems home, I realized that there were some bolts that needed to be tightened and they shored up quite nicely. After that I did a quick sanding to knock down a couple of rough spots and began painting with a very pale yellow chalk paint that I mixed up myself (I don’t recommend the recipe I used, but that’s a whole other post). After painting, I lightly distressed some edges and applied a fabulous bumblebee graphic I downloaded from The Graphics Fairy. Another quick sanding over the transferred image and a coat of soft wax finished off this adorable project.

I love the way they turned out; but unfortunately my little boy probably wouldn’t have been thrilled with these cutesy chairs in his room, so I took them to the Rusted Rabbit for resale. Since I already had all the refurbishing supplies, including the paint, I should probably see a good return on this $7.00 deal.

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