Red Tomatoes and Naked Ladies

My six-year-old son and I just returned from what should be our third and final vacation for the summer and boy are we glad to be home. This trip took us down to Arkansas and Blue Jay Hollow for several days of leisurely family time and then back up to Branson for some fast-paced themepark action. It was a good trip! But that being said, I am ready to unwind and spend the last few days of summer close to home at a slower pace (yeah, good luck with that one, you say. . .).

red tomatoes

Other than my husband greeting us before we got through the door Wednesday, I also had a few other good things awaiting my arrival. Not counting the jury summons in the huge stack of mail on the kitchen table, I found some wonderful surprises more of the mother nature variety. The naked ladies were still blooming out back (which I missed last year) and a couple of beautiful red tomatoes were perfectly ripened on the vine. Needless to say, yesterday evening was BLT night and it was yummy!

red tomatoes

So here’s to red tomatoes and naked ladies. . . may the crop be bountiful and your stems stay straight!


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