Laying Eggs at The Three-Acre Wood

Last week was an exciting one in the chicken coop at the Three-Acre Wood. Our spring chickens (it had to be said) started laying some tiny little eggs, and our Ameraucana hens even got in on the action with their lovely eggs of pale blue. This is the first time we have ever had Ameraucanas and I specifically sought them out, traveling twice the distance, to add two of these colorful egg layers to our flock. In addition to these girls, we also brought home a California white, a buff Orpington and a black Maran who will hopefully lay those beautiful dark brown eggs.

laying eggs

What a treat it was to open the hen house one day to find a little white adolescent egg laying in the straw! I couldn’t help but crack this tiny egg, undoubtedly laid by our California girl aptly named San Diego by our son, to inspect the inside and found everything just as it should be, just in miniature size. A few days later, the first of the small pale blue eggs appeared, which was a delight, and just yesterday I had to throw out a soft shell egg, probably from one of the other young girls who hasn’t quite hit her stride. With the addition of our two older hens and their big brown beautiful eggs, it’s a special treat to visit the hen house right now. There is currently a big difference in egg size, but I’m sure the spring chickens will catch up by fall.

laying eggs

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