From Blustery to Brrrrr


Like so much of the Midwest, we went from beautiful (but windy) warm yesterday to the deep freeze this morning. The warning of the chill had been out for a week, but we were still running around like there was a hurricane a comin’ yesterday afternoon and evening watering the grass one last time, winterizing the hoses and faucets, mending mailboxes (which had been hit for the third time in two years), snipping the remaining flowers still blooming outside and bringing in the geraniums that still had lots of life to bear.

Groceries? Eh, who wants to take their four-year old grocery shopping when we could be outside enjoying the very last bits of a blustery fall day. . . which means that becomes my chore while my son is in preschool. Maybe I’ll just strap the frozen goods to the top of the Jeep and run all kinds of errands without fear of a thaw.