Don’t Pet the Dragonflies and Bumble Bees


This beautiful little guy (or girl, I’m sure I don’t know the difference) showed up in our front flowerbed yesterday evening and decided to stay awhile. Wasn’t it nice for him to cooperate long enough for me to grab the camera. Of course, our son wanted to pet it. He wants to pet everything, except animals typically in need of petting. Just once, he would love to get his hands on a bumble bee. He says, “but they look so soft.” He has agreed not to go after the bees that frequent our catmint by the mailbox, but I know that someday one will stay put just long enough to send tears down my little guy’s cheeks.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Pet the Dragonflies and Bumble Bees

  1. Boy dragonflies have a lot of color, girl dragonflies do not….bumble bees rarely sting unless you bother their nest. I have rescued many just by extending my hand and letting them crawl onto it. They seem to know when you are helping them.

    Robin….a lifelong naturalist P.S. Thanks for the seed cake tip.

  2. A helmet should fit a little snug in the cheeks, and yes over time it will break in a little. Basically it should fit snug all around, and not move around when secured. One good thing to check is, when you strap it on, open the visor and move the helmet up and down. The skin above your eyes should move with the helmet. Good luck with it.

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