Creating a Birthday Balloon Bonanza

My baby boy turned double digits last week and although I am so proud of the young man he is becoming, part of me wishes we could just step on the brakes and turn this car around right here. I’m diggin’ age 10 so far, but I also enjoyed most of the other ages (some more than others) and I’m so not looking forward to the impeding doom that is the teenage years. I was warned that children grow up quickly, and boy isn’t that the truth! Sometimes I have to remind myself to slow down and appreciate each stage of life with my family, because if I keep looking forward to what’s next I often miss the blessings of the day.

balloon bonanza

So we celebrated our boy’s birthday with family in Oklahoma and celebrated again with family in KC, but the most fun for his dad and me was the balloon bonanza we created after our son crawled into bed on his birthday eve. I purchased a small helium tank at Wal-Mart and extra balloons so that we could fill the hallway with festive colors top to bottom. It seemed a bit like Christmas as we snuck downstairs to blow up balloons after our son was deep in sleep. I worked the helium tank and Mr. Big Winded took care of all the rest. (We did take a break for a helium hit, as every wise and responsible parent should.)

After everything was blown up, I clipped clothespins onto the end of streamers attached to the helium balloons and arranged them at varying heights throughout the hallway. We simply scattered the non-floaters. [Yes, I’m a boy mom. I just got the biggest chuckle out of that last sentence.] I wish I had used the life-extender stuff I purchased for about $5.00 but I was tired and it seemed too complicated at that time of night (it probably wasn’t). Several of the balloons lost their floatiness by morning, but there were plenty of overachievers to make it work.

Together with the brightly colored streamers lining his doorway (and the chandelier) and a “Happy Birthday” banner pinned to the mantel, it was quite a festive way to begin the day. I try really hard to make sure our little man knows that his birth is a day to be celebrated and the world is a more special place because he is in it. In this house, every birthday is something wonderful and who doesn’t love a good birthday surprise!


I couldn’t help but add this little tidbit. . . but I guess I should say that I do not condone, nor encourage said behavior. *wink*  Here’s my official disclaimer: “Do not try this at home.”

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