Chandelier Find Makes Me Giddy


I’m so super excited about my newest find for my master bedroom! This adorable chandelier was the perfect light for my room that’s decorated a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. Okay, so the rock and roll part may be a stretch, but I do like the mix of old and new that I have going on in there right now.

So when I spied this light for $120 at Junk Appeal, a local antique shop (no the light is not actually antique), I worked a deal and took it home. Never mind that we recently bought and installed a new light in this very spot a few mere months ago — that lovely previous purchase will go to the entry hall where it will look splendid.

I knew when my husband didn’t put up a fuss and immediately helped me hang it, that I had found a good thing. . . either that, or he was finally just given up (love you, honey). Either way, the light is hanging (with only one crystal casualty) and making me smile. Okay, I realize this means I need to put the finishing touches on this room, show it off a bit and move on to the next project on the list — the master bath, or maybe it’s the hall bath, or the kitchen, or the basement, or. . .

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