Mama Moments

This Dude’s a Doll

kendoll2My sister-in-law arrived last night bearing gifts for my son, one of which was a Ken doll — yes, as in Ken and Barbie. He is a half-clad surfer guy with a shark tooth necklace and actual head of hair instead of the old-fashioned molded variety. Yes, this is a very cool dude.

I’m not sure my sister-in-law brought Ken into our home because she thought my son would enjoy it and it might make him into a kinder, gentler playmate; or better yet, to see if she could get a rise out of her “manly man” brother.  I just have to say, my dear husband stepped up to the Daddy plate and hit this one out of the park.

My husband eww’d and ahh’d over Ken and even suggested that he might make a suitable bath time buddy. So off to the bathroom they three went, and what a time it was. My husband had to wash not one, but two heads of hair (at our son’s request), demonstrated the fabulous floating technique that Ken possessed and even stripped him of his cool surfer shorts to dry for the next day.

Not knowing if my hubby was putting up a good front for me, his sister and our son, I finally broke down and asked if he was really okay with our son’s. . . well, let’s just say it, “doll.” He responded, “Of course I am. . . but G.I. Joe would’ve been cooler.”