Just How Grown Up is a Second Grader?

Yesterday evening was “meet your teacher night” at my son’s school and today is our last official day of summer. Wow! I have absolutely no idea where it all went. Okay, so I have a few suspicions, but I probably won’t own up to the fact that I tried to cram way too much good stuff into a mere two and a half months (and I might do the same thing next year *grin*).

second grade
PTA photo booth at Meet Your Teacher night.

As usual, my son was a bit anxious about the school year but after he located his classroom, met his teacher and recognized a few peers he is now a bit more eager to get second grade started. Of course I would be happy if he was simply working his way backward and the first day of preschool was actually at hand. My sweet little boy is growing up so quickly and although I try to enjoy every new season of life, I’m not ready to cut the apron strings as soon as he might like.

Monday evening I asked him if he wanted me to walk him to his classroom on the first day of school. This has been the drill for the last two years and I thought it was simply a rhetorical question. Wrong!

“That’s so embarrassing,” he said.

I responded, “Really?” 

*short silent pause*

“But you can walk me if you really want to,” he added.

That’s my boy! He is so on the fence when it comes to growing up, and if that is all I can get I’ll take it. I’ll let him make every justification in the book as long as it keeps him from morphing into a teenager at lightning speed. Yes, I want to walk him to class on the first day of school, and I bet I do it for as long as he lets me.

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