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This Mama’s Broken Heart and R.E.M. Sleep Cycle

This Mama’s Broken Heart and R.E.M. Sleep Cycle


It’s not even nine o’clock and the coffee is gone. . . It’s going to be a long day.

Our son, for whatever reason, has been waking up in the absolute middle of the night convinced that someone is trying to get into our home to harm him. He cries, wants us to sleep with him and refuses to go back to sleep for hours. This has been going on for over a week now and we are all running on a lot less than full steam. I actually took a three-hour nap Saturday afternoon (after a trip to the Missouri Star Quilt Co. in Hamilton, but that’s another story) because I was so tired. It wouldn’t have been an issue but we had a party to attend and the babysitter’s arrival was the only thing that got me out of bed. Now, that’s embarrassing!

Last night I finally had enough (this mama likes her sleep); so after an hour of more of the same I finally told him if he couldn’t sleep he should get up and clean his room. And so he did! This must be serious. We have talked, reassured, cuddled and reasoned. We have checked doors, told stories and tried tough love. We have recalled happy things, thought about favorite places and read books. We have tried essential oils, counted sheep and yes, even suggested household chores. I just don’t know what else to do.

Old Man Winter reared his grumpy head again this weekend with bitter temps and snow flurries, so if Spring finally decides to stay for good this time we will be able to get outside and exercise more, which should help. We already limit our son’s electronic time to 30 minutes a day and after last night I’m restricting his TV viewing to PBS (he actually thought this one was a good idea). I stay on top of what he watches on a daily basis, but perhaps there have been fear triggers and mature subjects that have escaped my perception. Of course the kids at school talk about all matter of ill-advised subjects like Five Nights at Freddy’s, the movie It (Why are parents allowing their first graders to watch this stuff?) and what they saw on the news; but that environment is somewhat out of my control.

We have to figure this out, because it breaks a mama’s heart (and R.E.M. sleep cycle) to have a child in fear tears in the middle of the night without being able to make it all better. That’s what we mamas do — we fix things!

If you have any suggestions or consolations, please leave me a comment below. This mama needs some help (and some serious sleep)! Thank you.

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Fresh Air is Good for the Grumps

Fresh Air is Good for the Grumps

fresh air

I’m always amazed at how quickly a little fresh air erases my child’s crummy moods. My little guy apparently swallowed a grump monster while he slept last night because, man, he was super sour from the moment his feet hit the floor. No wait, I believe he pouted at me the second I opened his door to check on his sweet little sleeping self (that might be a record). I mean it was awful. Nothing was as it should be, every answer was dripping with whine and the day was quickly getting way out of whack.

So imagine my surprise when my son asked to tend the chickens. I think he sensed his need for change as much as I did. I sent him out the door with chicken food and the promise I would catch up in a bit. By the time I pulled on my rubber boots and ventured outside, he was already flitting about with the hens and had a smile on his face. Chalk it up to another win for nature!

As an added bonus we also discovered a box turtle clearly on his way to somewhere, but he was kind enough to make a short stop while we said hello (even if he didn’t eat the carrot I chopped for him at the request of my little man). That was no matter because the fresh air and animal encounters were just enough to turn my boy’s frown upside down, and that is how I prefer to start our day.

Rocking My Mama-Made World

Mam-Made World
All Grown Up! My son’s last day of preschool

Today I dropped off my son for his last day of preschool (and I thought the first day was tough). A quick hug, watering eyes, speedy exit and several tissues later, I finally admitted my comfortable little mama-made world was about to be rocked.

As much as I want to dig my heels into this season of life, only summer separates my son from school; which means the last five glorious, fun-filled, stay-at-home-mom years will quickly become a thing of the past. I made it through Kindergarten Roundup (though I declared it “the beginning of the end”), I made it through the paperwork, and I even made it through the screening, but today I just couldn’t hold it together. . . and yes, I’ve sufficiently soaked, dabbed and blown my way through several Kleenex just writing this little post.

The years between birth and boyhood went by so swiftly. We’re talking Lightning McQueen ka chow quick! I tried my darndest to enjoy the big and little moments, the sadness and the laughter and the sick and silly days, but I still want more. I want to rock my son (all 43 pounds and 43 inches of him) to sleep at night. I want to sing more “pretty songs” before bed. I want to read more silly stories and I want to giggle until our sides are sore.  So many people told me it would be a blur, and they were right. But as for this family, I seriously believe we pulled a few Gs on our way to where we are now.

I know each day holds new adventures and the future promises loads of fun, but when you have been blessed with a sensational son, a supportive family and fabulous friends, it’s hard to believe that “Phase Two” will somehow live up to this mom’s thus far amazing life. So tonight I’ll sneak one last kiss from my sleeping child’s cheek and whisper “I love you” in his ear. I think that will be enough; yes, I know that it is plenty.

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