The Weight is Over. . . Seriously. No, Really. This Time I Mean It.


So you might remember “The Weight is Over” series I started about a year and a half ago, about losing weight and keeping it off. Well I’m happy to report that I lost over 12 pounds during that few months. What I’m not so happy about is that unfortunately it all somehow found it’s way back home. Yikes!! So you guessed it, I’m revisiting the series in hopes that I can re-lose the weight and then some, keep it off for. . . well, eternity (I’m aiming big here) and let the simple task of blogging my progress hold me accountable for it all.

After our family trip to Arkansas for Easter just over a week ago, I made the “mistake” of stepping on the bathroom scale. It was not pretty. I knew I ate well, but not quite that well. I guess the Peeps went to my thighs and everywhere in between. One of my cousins, nieces, aunts, whatever did make the comment that Easter was just like Thanksgiving but with dyed eggs; and believe me, I ate like it was Thanksgiving, like the last Thanksgiving I might ever get to eat.

So here begins my new quest toward healthy living (as I write this just after downing a chili cheese coney from the local hot dog stand). Seriously, I mean it this time. I plan to lose 25 pounds by the end of the year, and they are so not invited back to this fat bottom girl again. I plan to weigh in each week and post my results right here at Small Talk Mama — the good, the bad and the just plain sad. Just so you know, words of encouragement are appreciated and words of advice are welcomed, but please keep those negative vibes all to yourself.

So here’s the stats for the first week of weight loss: minus three pounds!! Okay, so most of that was excessive Easter weight from SweeTart chicks and chocolate bunnies, but it’s a good way to begin and I’m going with it. Of course, you’ll want to tune in next week to see how the hot dog treated me.

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