Mama Moments

The Nightmares of My Toddler

Do your kids ever wake up crying in the night? As a parent, I know it must have been a bad dream, but when I check on our son he rarely recalls what caused such a fright.  Or even before our baby could verbalize he would wake ever so often like he had been pinched, and at that point there’s just no hope of figuring out his sleepy fears.

Since our son is only three, my husband and I often talk about what he could possibly be dreaming that is so traumatic for a boy his age. Well this morning I finally caught my son in a not fully awake state after an incident, and he finally told me what was ”wrong.”

He sleepily said, ”I wanted to play trains on the DVD and Daddy said, ‘No.’”

There you have it folks, the nightmares of my toddler. Whew, and I thought it might be something really horrible, like his cartoons were too violent, he secretly hates broccoli or I’m a terrible Mom. We do let him watch train videos on the iPad ever so often, so I guess that’s how the whole playing and DVD imagery came together. I just had to comfort my distraught little guy and coax him back to sleep, but as soon as I cleared his door I had to giggle and grin.

I guess his life is pretty good, and I’ll take it as a star sticker on my parenting chart if that’s the only content of my child’s nightmares. Oh, that life could stay so simple.