Routines, Trains and “Naked Ladies”

Whew, the summer vacations are finally fini, and I’m home to stay for a while. After a week with my husband’s family in Hollister immediately followed by a week with my family in the Hollow, I’m actually happy to be home and ready to settle into a routine (at least for a few weeks). Preschool hasn’t started for my little guy, so we are spending some fair-weather days with MOMS Club® friends and wrapping up the summer around town. Today we spent the morning at Union Station watching the trains go by.


Of course, I did spend my first day back just catching up on e-mails and marking up the calendar. Thank goodness for the fridge — it holds the family happenings.  Unfortunately, my two-week vacay just happened to coincide with the “Naked Lady” show. I completely missed the inaugural blooming of the bulbs I dug up at my grandmother’s old homestead in Blue Jay Hollow. Here’s all that’s left. . .


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