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April Showers Bring May Flowers

April Showers Bring May Flowers


We have had a rainy spring here in the Midwest, but luckily our area has avoided the flood waters thus far. I know other folks south and east of us haven’t been so lucky, and for that my prayers go out for a speedy and thorough recovery.

The rain we have been getting in the KC area has really been enjoyed by all things growing in my yard (including the weeds), so I wanted to share just a few photos of how my May flowers are blooming after all the April showers. If you follow Small Talk Mama on Instagram you’ve probably seen each of these photos already, but here they are gathered up in one small space. I hope you enjoy!




The top photo is of one of my window boxes this week (just over a month after planting). It has filled out quite nicely with the tuberous begonias and white bacopa. I added some spikes in the center for some height and I’m really enjoying this combination so far. The multi-colored clematis are blooming around my mailbox, as is the lamb’s ear. I have one beautiful pale pink peony that is just about to burst all over, and a new metal bucket is full of color for my porch. I have to confess that the last photo of yellow roses didn’t actually grow in my garden, but they were a gift from my son for Mother’s Day so I just had to include them in the mix.


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Routines, Trains and “Naked Ladies”

Routines, Trains and “Naked Ladies”

Whew, the summer vacations are finally fini, and I’m home to stay for a while. After a week with my husband’s family in Hollister immediately followed by a week with my family in the Hollow, I’m actually happy to be home and ready to settle into a routine (at least for a few weeks). Preschool hasn’t started for my little guy, so we are spending some fair-weather days with MOMS Club® friends and wrapping up the summer around town. Today we spent the morning at Union Station watching the trains go by.


Of course, I did spend my first day back just catching up on e-mails and marking up the calendar. Thank goodness for the fridge — it holds the family happenings.  Unfortunately, my two-week vacay just happened to coincide with the “Naked Lady” show. I completely missed the inaugural blooming of the bulbs I dug up at my grandmother’s old homestead in Blue Jay Hollow. Here’s all that’s left. . .


Cashing In on the Rain with Perfect Patina

Cashing In on the Rain with Perfect Patina


This year’s rendition of the house number pots is going strong and the pink and white Impatiens seem to be loving their location on the new front deck. I also think the serious rains we had the entire month of May helped the moss grow up the sides of the pots. Just look at that patina!

While I’m loving the look this year, it almost didn’t happen. I knocked over a pot while rearranging earlier this Spring and took a big ol’ chip out of the “3” pot. I was so sad and thought it might be the end of this fun tradition, but decided to glue the thing back together and call it “character.”

If you’re interested in reading how these pots first came to be and how to make your own, visit my earlier post “House Number Pots are Easy and Inviting.”

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