Read the Bible or Bust: My Goal for the New Year


As the new year begins in earnest and we slowly come out of our evergreen scented, tinsel induced, confetti colored comas, most of us face the days ahead with a renewed hope and rosy glasses. These are the days that lead us to dream big, reinvent our ways and desire to take the world by storm (to some a rain shower, to others a tornado. . . but a storm nonetheless). We set goals, refine wishes and claim more resolutions than an invisible jet and really cool cuffs could ever hope to deliver in a mere 365 days (make that 361 if you’re counting), but at least we aspire.

Since I’m part of this crazy collective of which I speak, I decided to set a few goals of my own. One being the huge task of reading through the entire Bible. I completed this undertaking once before several years ago, but I’m always so amazed at how often I can find something new, interesting and almost foreign in this enthralling book. . . and I’ve been reading this thing, well, since I could read.

So as the new year begins, so does my resolve to read the Bible. This time I’m going to attempt (and believe me, my success to failure ratio is not very impressive) to read it chronologically instead of the order in which it is printed. I currently use a New King James version of the Bible, so that’s what I’ll be reading and I’ve created a fun little chart to help me track my progress. I figure if I only make it halfway (or only into February), it’s still a worthwhile task that will enrich my life and lift my soul.  If you would like to join me on this venture, please feel free to download and print the chart below. I would love to hear about your progress and insight along the way. Happy New Year and Happy New You!

Read The Bible in a Year – A Chronological Approach (pdf)

photo credit: Charlie.Wales A King’s Circle via photopin (license)