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    Read the Bible or Bust: My Goal for the New Year

    As the new year begins in earnest and we slowly come out of our evergreen scented, tinsel induced, confetti colored comas, most of us face the days ahead with a renewed hope and rosy glasses. These are the days that lead us to dream big, reinvent our ways and desire to take the world by storm (to some a rain shower, to others a tornado. . . but a storm nonetheless). We set goals, refine wishes and claim more resolutions than an invisible jet and really cool cuffs could ever hope to deliver in a mere 365 days (make that 361 if you’re counting), but at least we aspire. Since I’m part of this…

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    Life as I Know It

    “The Weight is Over” — My 2016 Weight Loss Goal

    So here we are, almost a week into the new year, and I’m staring my weight loss goals squarely in the face. . . again. Of course, it’s the new year — a time of resolutions, promises, goal setting and thoughts of a better future — so who isn’t into making a few changes. According to ABC News, weight loss is one of the most popular new year’s resolutions for 2016 (and every other year), which makes sense because most of us start eating about Thanksgiving and don’t stop until New Year’s Day. If you’re me, you throw in a couple of birthdays, several Christmas parties and baking for the neighbors and it’s a…

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    My 2015 Resolutions: A Step in the Right Direction

    So it’s the season of resolutions, and I began these days of goal setting by focusing on three areas of life improvement. . . which quickly became five, no eight, no ten and so on. So I started thinking about how a girl who clearly doesn’t have it together can possible narrow it down to so few areas of change. I mean there is always do these things less, do these things more, finish this, be a better that and lose weight. Yes, the weight thing is always a given. For example, the wonderful photo collage hanging in my living room was a great, yet slightly expensive, project of mine…