My Son’s Sorrow was Mother’s Day Gift


Well I might be the last to wish all of you a Happy Mother’s Day, so here’s to all you ladies everywhere who sing lullabies, wipe tears, wipe bottoms, deal with teenage heartbreak, pay for college or marry off children this year. May you all be strengthened, empowered, joyful and blessed in the coming days. . . and, of course, I hope your family treated you right today.

As for me, my little one woke up from a nap yesterday afternoon with a temperature and sick to his stomach. The poor guy felt terrible and I felt equally saddened at his predicament. But I have to tell you amid his sorrow and sickness, he gave me a wonderful laugh and a good mama cry.

My husband was joking to me that our son’s sickness was a great gift for Mother’s Day, which our son must have overheard, because he promptly walked into the room and told his Dad that they were supposed to get a card. Apparently there had been a whole conversation between the two of them earlier in the day.

But this is where my heart and my eyes got a little mushy. . . Our son (remind you, he is only four) sadly proceeded to tell my husband in a completely grownup way, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you with that.” He then turned around and walked out of the room with his head hung low and tears streaming down his cheeks.

I tell you, I smiled and cried a little all at the same time. What better gift can a little one give his mama?