My Blue Jay Getaway


 I’m finally back from the Hollow (pronounced holler) after a week away with my family. When I say “away,” that’s exactly what I mean — very little cell service, a land line that doesn’t dial out, no Internet and only three channels on the TV. But of course, who needs all those things when you have dozens of aunts, uncles, cousins. . . and you can drive 20 minutes to town to “borrow” WiFi from Daylight Donuts or Mustang Sally’s.

I didn’t do much “borrowing” during the week, because we managed to fill our days (and nights) with shopping, playing, swimming, visiting, Scrabbling and of course eating. I took my running shoes on the trip, but only managed to squeeze in one run while I was there. I quickly gave up on fitness and decided to see how many tasty things I could stuff into my belly in five days flat.

I could fill your ears with so many wonderful stories of my vacay in Blue Jay Hollow this year; but instead I decided to fill your eyes with sights of the quaint place that is simply called by most of us, “Nannie’s.” After my grandmother, Nannie, passed away, my Mom bought the place and it is still where we all gather for Thanksgivings, Easters, weekend retreats and summer vacations. It may be small on space but it’s big on love and wonderful memories.


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