My 2015 Resolutions: A Step in the Right Direction

2015So it’s the season of resolutions, and I began these days of goal setting by focusing on three areas of life improvement. . . which quickly became five, no eight, no ten and so on. So I started thinking about how a girl who clearly doesn’t have it together can possible narrow it down to so few areas of change. I mean there is always do these things less, do these things more, finish this, be a better that and lose weight. Yes, the weight thing is always a given.

For example, the wonderful photo collage hanging in my living room was a great, yet slightly expensive, project of mine this year. The conglomeration of frames is nice, but when your four year old starts asking who all those people are, it’s probably time to fill them with actual family photos.

I have three partially started scrapbooks begging to be touched, but instead I keep creating cards because they take far less focus to finish. Of course if I wrapped up the remodel of my craft room, I might find more space and time to work on said projects. Oh, oh, I also want to create one of those cute little “Favorite Moments” mason jars posted all over Pinterest. . . for three years I’ve wanted to make one of those cute little mason jars.

Oh, here’s a good one. . . we have a bathroom light, heater, fan combo for our master bathroom that has been sitting in the floor of our closet for over a year. I can install it, but I can’t wire it because of it’s special needs, so instead of calling the electrician I just look at it longingly and wipe the steam off my mirror after every shower.

I bought a gym membership in October but I haven’t worked out in three weeks, and apparently I partook of way too many Christmas cookies and candy canes. So included in my list of “do mores” is to exercise more, along with read books more, study my Bible more, be a good mom more, finish projects more, scrapbook more, clean house more (that cleaning thing is kind of just an alternate goal). More, more, more, but when I’m already behind, shouldn’t I be more focused on less, less, less?

Ah yes, the “less” column, which includes eat less, procrastinate less, start fewer new projects, lose my cool less, bite my nails less, go to bed with makeup on less, watch TV less and how about go out for family dinner less. I mean these lists could just go on and on.

So after some thinking (which apparently doesn’t need to go into the “more” column — I find plenty of time for just that), I finally came up with a few life-changing resolutions for this year. Mind you, I’m not holding my breath that I will permanently be able to mark any of these items of my to-do list, but I figure if I’m at least headed in the right direction, that’s a good place to be.

My 2015 Resolutions:
• Put God and Others First
• Simplify
• Follow Through

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