Does God Have Bones (and Other Things My Three Year Old Wants to Know)

giraffeThe other night as bedtime came (and passed) I was finally drifting off to sleep in a quiet house, when I heard a shout from the other room. My three-year-old son’s voice came wafting down the hallway asking, “Does God have bones?”

Now that’s a good one. I mean, I’m assuming God has bones since He made us in his image, but He sure doesn’t need bones or maybe doesn’t even want bones. I’m guessing gravity is a concept made for Earth, but who knows how Heaven really works.

So what’s a mom to do with these types of questions? I usually chuckle a little at his inquiries, softly smile and answer to the best of my ability; but I gotta tell you, sometimes these questions come flying at me at the strangest times and during the oddest moments, and the older he gets the more his tongue exercises its right to free speech. I mean, the kid isn’t quiet for more than 1.3 minutes at a time (and that’s on a good day). I love that he is so inquisitive, that he enunciates so well that I can understand most of what he says and that every question isn’t simply “why;” but some days my brain just needs a break, because this little guy is constantly asking me questions that keep me hopping for the right answers and quietly asking a few of my own.

Yes, I know you’re dying to feel my pain (and my pride), so I’ve included just a few of my little one’s latest inquiries here.

  • Does God have bones?
  • Why did Emily (my pregnant niece) eat that baby? Well, if she didn’t eat it, how did it get in her belly?
  • Why is a giraffe a giraffe?
  • What is dead and dying?
  • Why does Alanna (my niece with new braces) have train tracks on her teeth?
  • Why do cats have pointy toes?
  • Is pee-pee water? Then I’m watering your plants (to my Mom and thankfully outside)?
  • Why did God make kitty cats? (Yes, I know some of you also ask this question.)
  • Does God have kitty cats up in the sky?
  • Do babies pick their noses too? (It’s the “too” that’s the clincher here.)
  • Is Jesus up in the sky? Is He a boy or a girl?
  • Are trains boys or girls?
  • Why do babies poop their pants?

photo credit: ucumari photography (Valerie) via photopin cc