Come On Four

hatebubbleWell there you have it. Just two months shy of my son’s fourth birthday and I just received my first, “Mommy, I hate you.” I received the lashing because I put milk on his requested cereal instead of letting him eat it dry. What was I thinking? Of course, I’m sure it was actually do to the fact that it was past nap time, we ran around all morning, I didn’t let him see every last dead animal at Cabela’s, or I just didn’t look at him properly (that’s a whole other issue).

All I can say is come on four years. That’s a magical day, right?? Surely all the tantrums, all the attitude and all the whining will just suddenly disappear on his birthday. At two, my husband and I were patting ourselves on the back thinking we had this parent thing down, but then came three. . . If four doesn’t see an attitude adjustment, I’m afraid Parents’ Day Out might become Respite Week Out or I’ll suddenly be taking applications for a nanny (and no, honey, she won’t be cute or perky).

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