Chapter 4: Snacking My Way Through Weight Watchers Road Trips

Another month of Weight Watchers is in the books and with two road trips rounding out our family calendar, March was a bit tricky to navigate. Luckily, I had the support of family and lots of WW snacks to help me through the miles. I also discovered that one Peep (not one package, just one stand alone Peep) is only two SmartPoints. Oh yeah! Let me tell you, paired with a hot cup of coffee, that was absolutely the freshest, best tasting Peep I have ever eaten!!

weight watchers

Okay, so Peeps are not a sanctioned Weight Watchers snack choice, but that does bring me to some of my favorite WW friendly go-to treats (when I’m not eating Peeps). That’s the beauty of the Freestyle Program, if you have the points you can eat them however you want. I’m a grazer so I feel that a few low-point snacks are essential to my success. Please know that I also eat a lot of very healthy and tasty meals as a part of my weight loss program, but these snacks are helpful between meals and destinations.

weight watchers

weight watchers

Since I go to meetings at an established Weight Watchers storefront, I have access to a complete line of WW products. After each meeting I stock up on items before I head for home.  I understand that remote meeting locations also have snacks to purchase but not an extensive lineup. The items above are my favorites, but there are lots of other goodies from which to choose.

You may not be a snacker and might not need the benefit of prepackaged treats to keep you moving in the right direction; but as for me, I’ll keep snacking away at my goal. I’m twenty pounds down and plan to keep on losing.

JANUARY 2018 :  -8.6
FEBRUARY 2018: -5.8
MARCH 2018: -6.0

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