You Say It’s Your Birthday


I celebrated my birthday at Dave & Buster’s last night with my favorite two boys.

Today is another birthday for me and I must admit that I still get excited for the celebration and all the fun that comes with it. Sometimes when I take a hard look at the numeral associated with the day lately, it makes me wonder how I ever thought my age was “so old.”

Each year is a new adventure, I mean I’ve never been this age before, and sometimes I look for some kind of  reference for how I should be spending my days, especially since we were late bloomers in the child department.  Sometimes I like to think back to what my parents were doing at this particular age — Dad would have had a great job at American Airlines but with one daughter in and out of the hospital very sick, another a senior in high school (that was me) and a brand new grandson under the roof, I’m sure it was a very stressful time for him. Mom at my age would have had a daughter mid-way through college at the University of Arkansas (me again), a daughter on the mend and a lively little grandson thriving and growing close to home.

Well I can’t say that my life has turned out much like my parents, but as I ponder the need for reading glasses and wonder why I went to the next room I do take a bit of comfort in remembering my Dad sitting in his chair with his newspaper pushed out in front of him as far as his arms would go, claiming he had “short arm disease” and my Mom forgetting what she wrapped for Christmas until the last present was opened and she went hunting for the rest.

I guess it’s true what they say — life happens. But I want to always be an active participant in my life instead of a not-so-innocent bystander. So I do a little reflecting, count my many blessings and celebrate each birthday as it comes (for at least a good part of the month.) I tell you, I can milk a birthday for all it’s worth, but that is a completely different post. . .