You are What You Watch?

purpminionOur three-year-old son loves minions. He has never seen Despicable Me, but who doesn’t love a little yellow guy with funny eyes, a bald head and crazy manners. Plus, when McDonald’s offers free toys it’s amazing how well acquainted a toddler can become. So last week when Despicable Me 2 arrived on video, I decided to rent it for the family (after all, my husband and I had been waiting for this day for quite some time).

While it wasn’t as good as the first movie, that meant nothing to my son. He enjoyed watching the minions in action and asked all sorts of questions, especially when these little good guys went bad. I could tell he was a bit disturbed at the craziness of the purple minions, but he seemed okay with everything as all was set right in movie land.

Unfortunately, three days later my little guy came down with some bug and up shot his fever. For a child prone to ear infections, taking fever reducers is nothing new and our son is a champ in this department. But Friday afternoon, he sobbed and cried and insisted that he didn’t want to take his medicine. I finally coaxed (okay, forced) him into downing the syringe full of good stuff, but he was still distraught. After he calmed down a bit he fessed up to his angst against the meds, his reason being, “I didn’t want to turn into a purple minion.”

So there you have it. . . And why shouldn’t he be afraid of turning into a purple minion? One syringe full of gel was all it took in the movie so why not real life? We did explain to him the difference between pretend (“pretwin” in his lingo) and reality; and we also assured him that we would never ever think of turning him into a mean purple minion. (He can manage that on his own some days.)

That being said, it’s moments like these that make me mindful of what I put in front of my child’s eyes, ears and mind. This was a great reminder of how differently children view the world and that we should strive to keep our little ones innocent as long as possible.

One thought on “You are What You Watch?

  1. Das duas uma (dependendo do momento do meu ciclo menstrual): Ou iria deixar o cara fazer o showzinho dele e depois ignorar completamente como se nada tivesse acontecido (afinal, o cara queria aparecer), ou não teria paciência nem por cinco segundos e partia pra cima sem dó.

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