Wonderful, Crazy, Exhausting Summer?

I’m finally home from an eight-day trek across South Dakota with my husband and son and I can’t wait to share all the details of our quintessential family vacation. It was a perfect getaway for our four year old and fabulous for mom and dad too. We only stopped at “boring” places a few times along the way, and judging by the little guy’s level of engagement, they couldn’t have been that tedious.

While I’m eager to share the entire itinerary with you, it will have to wait, because I promptly put on my VBS director hat and my MOMS Club president hat this week and will be hosting a houseful tonight to decorate a fabulous float for the Parkville Independence Day parade. . . of course that was after a two-hour board meeting this morning. Come on August! No really, I’m literally going 90 to nothin’ right now, but I’m loving almost every minute. Just don’t ask my husband his thoughts on these matters. I think he’s cooperative because objecting would be futile (and, of course, he loves me).

I know I haven’t written in a while and I miss it terribly, but when I revived Small Talk Mama earlier this year I promised to put my family and life in front of this little blog. So while I’m sure you’ve missed all my wonderful tips, tricks and motherly insight, ha ha, there will be more to come; I promise. Just let me first fulfill my roles for which I so eagerly volunteered and I’ll settle back into the task at hand. Which raises my curiosity to how most folks are spending their summers. What about you? What’s been the best, craziest or most exhausting part of your summer thus far?

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