Windows Down and the Wind in My Hair


Yesterday I packed my bags, kissed my husband, buckled in my boy and hit the road for a few fun days in my Oklahoma hometown visiting family and friends, doing some shopping and working on a few small jobs around the house where I grew up. It’s always comforting to come home, especially since I haven’t been back since Christmas, but every now and then I get to experience a moment just short of deja vu that floods my mind with happy thoughts and takes me back to the carefree days of life.

While I had no idea that the purchase of a new bench for my back deck would have me waxing nostalgic, retrieving the darn thing this afternoon in a truck without A/C actually brightened my day and smiled my soul. After loading and severely bungeefying the bench, I turned myself around and headed for home. Somewhere along the few mile way, I found myself driving down Highway 66 with the windows rolled down in my Dad’s pickup truck, my crazy curls flying in my face and Sweet Home Alabama blaring on the radio. And for just a few simple moments, I felt an innocence and freedom like being 16 and reminded myself that it really is so good to be me.

photo credit: 20110924-IMG_1513 via photopin (license)

2 thoughts on “Windows Down and the Wind in My Hair

  1. So glad you thought happy thoughts and not the one where you ran over the bag of cement in the firebird or the time you got rear-ended or the time you were turning and got hit in the front of the firebird. You should always drive the truck.

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